Nicholas House

Atlanta, GA


Helping homeless families achieve self-sufficiency

Main Goals

  • Earn a living wage

  • Maintain the physical, mental, and social health of parents and children

  • Maintain safe and stable housing



     The Nicholas House makes a difference in families lives and they strive to help families who are homeless learn lifetime skills that will help them to be self-sufficient and provide them with a place to stay. Visit the links below to learn how get involved and to learn more about the organization.

     They accept donations year round and would appreciate as much support as possible!

Spotlight Chapter: Georgia Gwinnett College

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Senior party.jpg
Blessing of the hands.jpg


Georgia Gwinnett College of Nursing is a proud chapter of GANS with all outstanding members and individuals. GGC has had many activities in the past couple of months including a holiday party, blessing of hands ceremony, and a new cohort initiation! We are so excited to hear more about GGC and all of the activities that they are doing! Take a look at all of the pictures and get to know a little more about GGC's nursing program. GANS is also proud to have several board members from GGC representing their wonderful program.


     Their mission is "dedicated to preparing caring and competent nurses who lead and collaborate to provide evidenced based care to individuals, families, groups, and populations. Faculty in the program inspire deeper learning in students through invitational and engaged educational strategies to foster holistic development". 

Program Philosophy

  • Prepares leaders to manage care and promote positive transformations for the health of individuals, families, groups, communities, populations, systems and for nursing practices;

  • Nurtures an emphasis of caring that guides and transforms the practice of nursing toward improved health;

  • Encourages nurses who assist individuals in achieving a positive state of being that includes all dimensions of life and employs patient-centered focus of care;

  • Develops nurses who function collaboratively and autonomously within professional standards and engage in self-reflection, self-regulation and commitment to professional development;

  • Emphasizes concepts, creativity and critical thinking as tools to create new knowledge and solve problems – both intraprofessionally and interdisciplinarily; and

  • Invites faculty who view themselves as collaborators, directors of learning and role models for the evolving nurse and support students’ self-development as nursing professionals prepared for 21st century global health care needs.