Clinical Convention Track

This year, we are very excited to offer a clinical track for nursing students interested in earning clinical hours for the time spent at convention! 

There are 3 clinical tracks that will be offered: Pediatric, OB/Maternity, or Medical-Surgical that offer up to 8 clinical hours!


What are the requirements?

Students who complete the clinical track will:

  • Complete a vSim

  • Attend clinical breakout sessions,

  • Complete a simulation "escape room" checkoff in order to earn the full clinical credit.

How will it work?
Students will attend an orientation the first day of convention in order to orient and register for their track's course. Students will then complete a vSim course related to their chosen area. The vSim must be completed prior to the student's simulation, as the simulation will serve as the final check-off! 

Additionally, students will be required to attend a certain number of clinically focused breakout sessions. These sessions will be designated prior to convention, and offered on both Thursday and Friday.
Finally, students must complete their credit by performing in an escape room themed clinical simulation! Trained simulation staff will ensure students perform clinical skills correctly and safely. These simulations will run during the afternoon on Friday, and a limited number of simulations may be offered on Saturday. 
Saturday afternoon, the students who have satisfied all of the elements of the clinical track will receive their certificate for credit for completing the clinical hours. The certificate will not be issued if requirements are not met. 

How do I register?

To register for the clinical track, students must attend all three days of convention, and register for their chosen track on the ticket sales website. 

Does it cost anything additional?

No! The best part about this clinical track is that it does not cost anything additional to register! Just purchase your 3 day convention ticket, and choose the option to register for your track! A huge thank you to Wolters Kluwer and Laerdal for providing resources to allow us to offer this option for FREE!

Can I use this to replace missed class or clinical time?

While the clinical track allows you to replace up to 8 clinical hours, the decision to allow participation to count towards your school's clinical requirements is up to the individual schools. Our intention is to offer this as an option for students who  have difficulty attending convention due to clinical and class requirements.

GANS has offered clinical tracks during convention before, and some schools have previously accepted completion of the clinical track for certain courses. We can not guarantee that your faculty will allow completion to replace clinical hours, so it is important that you discuss with your faculty about this possiblity.

We are happy to provide more information to you, your faculty, and your schools. Please reach out to Arielle Yeager, to get more information.


We want to thank Wolters-Kluwer for donating the vSim courses for this exciting clinical track!

We also want to thank Laerdal for providing the manikins that will be used during the simulations!