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Dr. Traci Sims 

Traci Sims graduated from East Tennessee State University with a BS in 1981 and worked in neurology and school health. She finished her MS from Georgia State University in 2005 in psychiatric nursing and her Doctorate of Nursing Science from Kennesaw University in 2015. She has been a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing since 2006.  She works in a non-profit counseling office one day a week. She also teaches a psychiatric course to undergraduate nursing students and graduate psychiatric courses to students in the psychiatric nurse practitioner program at Georgia State University.

She is the Director of the Undergraduate Nursing Program and Coordinator of the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner program at Georgia State University.

Dr. Sims’ dissertation was on Emotional Intelligence. She is very interested in promoting emotional health to nursing students.  Her recent research has involved cinematic simulation and studies to promote emotional health to nursing students.

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